Warthin finkeldey cells are seen in-

Warthin finkeldey cells are seen in
a) Measles
b) Rubella
c) Rabies
d) Typhoid
Correct Answer - A
Answer: A. Measles
Multinucleated cells like Warthin Finkeldey are seen in Measles
Measles virus infects by invasion of respiratory epithelium.
Local multiplication leads to viremia (day 2-3), then spread to RE
Two types of Multinucleated giant cells in both epidermis & oral
epithelium by 7-11 days.
Warthin Finkeldey cells of reticuloendothelial system
Epithelial giant cells of respiratory & other epithelia.
Warthin–Finkeldey cell:
Type of giant multinucleate cell found in hyperplastic lymph nodes
early in the course of measles
Under the light microscope, these cells consist of a large, grape-like
cluster of nuclei.
Also with HIV-infected individuals and Kimura disease .
Rarely in neoplastic (e.g. lymphoma) & non-neoplastic lymph node
Unknown origin; Reports of staining with markers similar to follicular
dendritic cells, including CD21