Was it left occipital or right occipital?

Was it left occipital or right occipital?

What was the answer of that young guy with hemptysis , xray with arrow near right heart border?

What was the answer of that ascaris qus??

What was the answer of that swelling eye qus??

Guy with hemoptysis - wegners

Smoked ra and rv affected corppulmonare

DrShreyas Dhakaan what was the answer? Investigation was asked?

I marked bronchoscopy

Plz tell final answer.

Wegner i remember, sinusitis wala qus.

Answer was see for anca vasculitis,that was different qus

DrShreyas Dhakaan no I’m asking different qus, that post eye trauma pas positive eye edematous wala

Imrose Ali are u sure it’s left?? I marked left only but I’m not sure , some ppl saying it was right

as much as i remember the hemianopia given was on right side… its contralateral to the site of lesion

Two different sources

Deepti bahl ma’am is saying just re evaluate after 3 months

Some other teacher are saying of CA125 levels

That was not image of ascaris

That was hookworm

I give you two reasons

  1. Size was clearly mentioned 1.5 cm

  2. It was adherent to mucosa it was written

It was hookworm

So answer to that was hooks and cutters

don’t worry Buddy

I was also very confident that paper was too easy

But in reality paper is easy till we know the answers…

The image of eye swelling with h/o wood injury

I think it should be Phycomycosis

Other option was IgG4 granuloma

M i the only one who marked molluscum contagiosum in that qus… it was umbilicated so i thought mc

What was the answer of that pcod qus?

tamoxifen or clomifene?