Wat can be given at home for fever 104 apart from paracetamol 650mg?

Wat can be given at home for fever 104 apart from paracetamol 650mg?

Age of the patient?

Meftal Forte

Ice sponging on feet and forehead

Just like others said about i.v pcm 1gm and all…I’d like to add that with 104 one needs to be monitored frequently and if any other new distressing symptoms pop up… getting admitted under observation is better… reason being 104 is v.high grade fever and many patients have that mentality ki doctor sirf phone pe goli bata do…so they don’t understand gravity of situation many times

Diagnose the cause. Rule out Covid19, Malaria, Dengue, Pneumonia, UTI, Abscess, Meningitis.

Paracetamil plus Nimesulide, not exceeding 3 gm+ 400 mg per day, in divided doses. Steroids only after 7 days, only with Remdesivir if covid if hypoxia.

Put an iv cannula and get Inj pcm 1g stat. Plus Tab Naproxen 250 mg stat. Normal water sponging. Temp monitoring.

Routine CBC, KFT, LFT first.

Rtpcr for covid 19.

Malaria, dengue, Leptospira etc to be ruled out.

Spo2 & temp charting.

Give piroxicam 20mg…If covid patient, most probably going into cytokine storm… Get a CBC, CRP and D-DIMER done and start IV methylpred 125mg BD for first 3 days and then taper along with other anticoagulants and antibiotics… It really works…

Try giving cold water to drink if conscious. If giving iv fluid, give them cold.

Cold water enema is another option.

Go all out aggressive as how u would treat a heat stroke patient.

Ru sure Inj Febrinil diluted in 100 ml NS is acceptable.

I always believed it cannot be diluted in NS(some solubility issues). That’s why special preparation of IV PCM (1gram)100 ml was there, also explains the cost difference.