Watching the posts of all 600+ toppers

Watching the posts of all 600+ toppers I am not sure whether my post will get approval as it isn’t coming from a topper, nonetheless I will still pen it for my fellow aspirants.

I am Shreyas Zad, an average student from an average college from Maharashtra, I am pretty happy to secure 570/800 marks (AIR around 5700). The sole purpose of this post is to motivate all because there’s not much time left for the next exam.

Briefly I am a ‘15 batch student and a fresher for this NEET. Considering that I had to take a gap during my UG NEET, I gave it my all to this exam. I used to study sincerely during all 4 years of UG and during internship and covid duties I studied whenever I got time for it, sometimes for 4 hours, sometimes 10 and when duty lasted 12 hours I used to take rest from studying. The whole year of preparation was tiring yet exciting and filled with thrills. I had Marrow plan B and guys I am telling you, you dont need anything other than that, it literally is the gold standard as many have already said.

A few things that worked for me :

•I used Marrow Study planner for precisely dividing days for each subject,

•I would complete 4 modules daily at any cost,

•At start one GT per 20 days then, one per 15, then 7 and at last one every 3 days,

•Subject wise tests during second reading to sort out the weak points,

•Bookmarked pearls in the mean time and images too,

•Have yourself a study partner with whom you can discuss GTs.

Your notes plus QBank will get you a very good rank if you do it sincerely and consistently and trust me that is all you need.

One last thing that kept me going is “Always believe in yourself.”

I thank Marrow for giving me this breakthrough.

If I can crack this NEET PG then anyone can, you just have to put your ❤️ into it 😉

PS - Writing a Gratitude post on Marrowlings was a small dream of mine.