Ways to protect the body from Corona virus

Ways to protect the body from Corona virus
Dr. Awesome Chowdhury
London, England

The first thing that comes to mind in medical science when it comes to virus or bacteria is - Immunity. The meaning of Bengali dictionary: Khalas or Immaculate. The first one is ridiculous, the second one is hard to read. I’d rather use the word ’ immunity '. Hope it will be beneficial to understand.

If the medical students are asked, which two things seemed most complicated in five years! Most would say: Genetics and Iminology.

The process of immunity in the body is quite complicated. And because of this complex, it is very difficult to find medicine, or vaccine against germs. And with time relative.

The cause of complications is that immunity is involved in many systems of the body. Working on one and the other gives the rebellion. The whole immune system works in seven parts: blood WBC, antibody, Complementary System, Lymphatic System, along with Thymus, Spleen organ and Bone Marrow.

Easily tell the blood WBC and antibody part. The reason is, how the body can protect or protect us from Corona virus Covid-19, it depends on the outing of vaccine and antiviral medicine or working on this prevention technique. WBC and Antibodies play the biggest role in this.

To protect the body from the attack of germs, the body’s own way is immunity. Body defence force in a sense. years ago, French chemist Louis Pastor vaccinated and German doctor Robert Koch gave the first idea about the body’s defence technique Eminity while discovering the cause of tuberculosis.

Blood white branches or WBC plays the biggest role in this work. WBC or white blood cell, in the language of science, leucocytes. Leuc means white or white, Cyte means cell or cell. There are three types of cells in the blood. Among them, WBC looks like a white cover, it is called white particle. The remaining two are RBC and Platelets.

There are two types of cells in this WBC. Lymphocytes and phagocytes. These are born from Lymph glands in the body because it is called lymphocytes. And phagocytes came from Greek phagein, which means eating. If you explain, you will understand the name.

Lymphocytes are again made of two types of cells. One is called T cell, the other is B cell. T is called, because a gland called Thymus makes it. B cell makes bone marrow or bone marrow, it’s called B from Bone.

When virus or bacteria enters the body, the blood phagocytes run and try to eat the germs. Why are these names phagein or eating like this I said above. Eating some germs, Fagosite again sends signal to Lymphosite that the body is infected with germs. Lymphasite comes in the run. Lymphosite T cell then secrets two types of cells called CD4 and CD8. CD4 is called T helper cell. The job of this is to inform B cell that the enemy has entered the body. CD8 is called T Killer cell. It’s work to kill when you see germs. CD8 can’t kill too much germs. The germs grow so fast when the time passes, then B cell creates a type of protein in the news sent by CD4. The protein is the antibodies. This antibody then keeps killing the rest of the germs in video games shooting style one by one.

Now let’s tell the funny part.

If the Corona virus is infected with Covid-19, the symptoms are seen in two steps. In the first step, body pain, mild throat pain, fatigue, a little bit of fever and fever are seen. After three-four days, these go away and the body becomes healed. Many people think it’s okay. Actually at this time only T cell tries to kill the virus. If there is enough T cell, and more dies before the virus increases, then the symptoms don’t increase. Only T cell alone can save the body by killing the viruses in the head of two more days. But when T cell loses to its inadequate and the majority of the virus, the second phase shows dry cough, excessive fever and other symptoms. Then B cell landed on the field as a second defense. More like if the police can’t, black glasses are called a powerful web. B cell then sends many antibodies to kill the virus or try to kill it. Even if the virus doesn’t die, and the number continues to increase, B cell tries to create more antibody. More like the army is on the field! The army going down on the field means all the intense hardships, the kafyu down, the normal living. The excessive antibody sent by B cell then again secrets a protein called cytokine. The more this protein comes out again, the more it activates B cells. The more B cell is active, the more cytokine comes out! Then the antibody viruses cause fatal damage to the body and the body reacts to it. Why does the military sit on its own while trying to control the matter with the military! This reaction is inflammation. And as a result of this excessive reaction, the third phase of Corona patient shows pneumonia in the body. Intense breath pain. Even it dies and most deaths are due to this third phase in most cases. The reaction is called cytokine storm in science language.

Some things medical science still doesn’t know about this virus attack and its defense.

One. How and how long can T cell kill or kill corona viruses.

Two. When does B cell send antibodies to kill viruses.

Three. B cell when and how to send excessive antibodies to create information.

It is important to know three procedures for three reasons.

A. If the virus dies in the beginning by just boosting up the T cell. Because, as the age increases, the function of T cell in the body decreases. This is why young people survive in the first phase of symptoms due to adequate T cells, which alone can kill the viruses.

B. It is important to know how much or how powerful antibody B cell can kill all viruses in the second step, to create a vaccine. Wrote details in the vaccine article about this. You can find it and read it. Because the vaccine’s job will be to create this antibody to stimulate the B cell and keep the body ready to protect against the virus in advance.

C. When B cell creates excessive antibodies and starts Cytokine storm, the moment of B cell’s reaction can be stopped early with a drag or medicine to save pneumonia.

To know about this imminity process of the body and the process of the virus on it, the corona virus vaccine and antiviral medicine and the whole treatment will be dependent on it.

Even if it takes time, the way will come out in time.

Currently 115 companies and labs are working to find the vaccine. This program is going on in 19 countries. 78 of them are active or working. Busy making 37 formulas. 73 out of 78 are on the pre-clinical stage. One is a little ahead of the wire and the rest are only four most advanced stage Phase-1 There are three phases like this. Four institutions in advance are:

  1. American Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine, its proposed date to end the test: June 2022

  2. Ad5-CoV vaccine of CanSino Biologicals in Hong Kong, proposed expiry date: December, 2022

  3. Inovio’s IN-4800 vaccine in San Diego, America, it’s a DNA vaccine, the proposed date has not yet been announced.

  4. China’s Shenzhen Geno-Immune Medical Institute’s LV-SMENP-DC vaccine is at the forefront, but their proposed last date is December, 2024

It takes 10 to 15 years to make a vaccine on average. It took the shortest time to find the Ebola virus vaccine. Only five years. Started working in 2014 Public Health Agency of Canada. Next American Merck Company bought the project. In December 2019, the Ebola vaccine was recognized by rVSV-ZEBOV whose trade name: Ervebo, American FDA and the European Commission. 15 thousand people took to the final stage to test its safety. In the month where Ebola knew how to protect, the world came to know about the Nobel Coronavirus Covid-19 on December 31 One went, another came!


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