We are so much divided in terms of branches it’s ridiculous…

We are so much divided in terms of branches it’s ridiculous….often seen in this group medicine loving people mocking peds and surgical branches especially ent and ophthal…same way radio and derma people mocking other branches…what is this?? Where we are going ?? Hating n having jealousy towards our own fraternity…the same fraternity we expects to stand for our rights….pls be respectful to every branch whether its anatomy or pathology or medicine or surgery….every body can’t get top branches but everybody can excel in their own respective branches…

I haven’t seen anyone mocking other branches here

Yes people do repeat, many good rankers will try to improve their ranks

A very nice post…but again you yourself have mentioned the word " top branch"

Bro what is a top branch??

Is there any such thing…please remember the words of a legend…"" Success branch mein nehi…bande mein hota hain""

If we present ourselves to the society like this…in no time society will break us…they will come to know…that this branch is selected by people who got good ranks…and this branch by “so called bad ranks”

it refers to branches being taken by top rankers more often….yup there is nothing like top branches…i agree

forget about branch vs branch. People with md medicine are mocking DNB medicine.the hatred is within a single branch.let alone different branches.

We must get involved in research and publications…only research breaks all the boundaries…anyone can touch any branch…best way ahead

There is no top branch .Every branch is as important as every part of our body .