We can not expect same kind of urgency and same kind of work ethics from everyone

We can not expect same kind of urgency and same kind of work ethics from everyone, matter as important and as urgent as this deserves late night court hearing, in a nation where doctors are made to work 36 to 48 hours non stop, honorable supreme court judges have gone for diwali vacations

What does notification validity means here?

Chronology is bureaucracy in nbe & health ministry , health minister and central government is responsible for this as they know case is already in court still they displayed 1st round counselling dates.

And before that central govt unnecessarily increased quota in aiq.

Diwali itne ache se hi manani thi toh policy par stay laga dete yaar next year tak…

but he also a minority. Can’t expect justice from him also

Same thing happened to neet2013 first PG NEET year…that time validity of NEET EXAM WAS IN QUESTION…NEET was in nove 2012 results were declared in end of May 2013. Al

i have also posted something which was related to case. And it got deleted three times.

I am from UR category. Take a chill pill

If they are trying to lower tension in groups…its also right.

“Mr. Goswami moved the Supreme Court late on Thursday night. It had within the next couple of hours listed the the plea for quashing the FIRs before Justice Chandrachud’s Bench. The court is convening only to hear ‘extremely urgent’ cases during the lockdown.”

Looks like the law is not equal for everyone.

why can we not expect the same kind of work ethics? We can and we should.

The problem is we DON’T. We accept and give up too easily.

EWS applies to the whole education system including junior schools and UPSC.

So the HONOURABLE Supreme court is applying brake to all education systems.

Highly unfortunate decision……All in the name of Diwali vacation.