We doctors are the least vote bank

We doctors are the least vote
bank. I think that explains it all. Why will we be taken
care of? What do we have to give govt back? We
r suppose to rub our ass off to hold the medical degress but can’t make money out of it bcz that
would be considered selfish as well as robbery. We are suppose to always serve free and we are
to be blamed for any kind of scarecity and defect
in hospital which includes treatment. Nobody ever raise question to govt why oxygen is not there, why sufficient beds are not there, why for an icu of 30beds there is only one doctor. Indian ministry can earn money and name by importing oxygen and not thinking of it’s consequences especially when there was no confirmed state of covid control in our country back then. But that section is not questionable. We are the people to be questioned. I am scared. I m scared to talk to patient party. I m scared even to face them sometimes. People should think how they have treated us. Govt should think how they treat us. We r never paid as we deserve. We are never appreciated or acknowledged as we are suppose to be. “THALI BAJAO” “CLAP KARO” doesn’t explain any kind of respect for us if in proper place you can’t keep that. “Pahele thali bajao phir usi thali se maro” has been trending more now. Arrangements has been done for bank employees and their family members for vaccination. But same couldnt be done for doctors who are much much much much more susceptible to this infection. Not only you are throwing this insult and fear to us but also to this upcoming generation who will think a 10000 times before wanting to become a doctor. It’s no more a reputed profession. It’s a space where we are gifted with hatred, depression, anxiety, threat, assault, attacks more thon respect or love. I myself declare that I
really woud not want my children to take up this field. I m even disgusted to give birth to my baby in this retarded country. I feel giving birth to my baby in India and ask him or her to be a doctor will be a crime. We never wanted to become God. Nor we want it. All we want is just a proper gesture from u people to treat us as equally as you will treat a next human being. And you think we are asking for more.