We have filed a case against Round 2 of AI counseling

I have received feed back, that many are still not clear about our agenda.

I will try to clarify it again.

We have filed a case against Round 2 of AI counseling. As the rules we modified and it had multiple implications thereafter. Due to which students have suffered very Badly!

We are not asking anything Unjustified, if we would have done so… Our case would have been thrown in 30 secs like it had been predicted. We have good strong team, who is working day in n out. Dr Manish didn’t sleep at night for 3 days!!!

What we want is another Round of counseling based on older rules! What we will get depends entirely on the Supreme Court. But we truly believe we will get what we deserve. They will give justice to suffering students.

What some people fail to realise that if we win, and there is another round of counseling.

  1. It will be based on older rules
  2. It will be after all states have completed Round 1 counseling
  3. Lesser candidate will opt for it and more seat.

So it is a win win for every one.
I know, many have got their seat and they want to continue. They have spent travelling getting admission. But just imagine, if we get the upgradation as we expected in R2, where would you be standing now? Isn’t it a much lower price to pay just, against a life changing opportunity???

In our everyday life, we often say things should be like this. It should happen in a certain way. But we fail to take action against it.
Now here there is a chance to seize opportunity, and Change ur life!
So don’t lose it, we may win we may not!
But I will say… We fought a battle n didn’t simply give it to the sytem!

I am a believer… I believe!

From Dr. Rachit sinha