We spoke in a previous post about the heart attack

We spoke in a previous post about the heart attack…
Ok, if someone close to us is supposed to have a heart attack or a drowned accident, what should we do??
First, we must make sure that the person is in a safe and non-dangerous place
Ngek awareness by shaking the injured person and talking to him (the person with heart attack is unconscious)
Call an ambulance directly
If you don’t breathe for 10 seconds or if it’s breathing in a strange and irregular way, we start CPR directly until the ambulance arrives
The steps…
Let the patient lay on his back
We put the heels on the middle of the person’s chest, then put the other hand over it and clang both hands and vertically press down by 5 to 6 cm (2 to 2.5 inches) at a fixed rate of 100 To 120 clicks per minute.
After every 30 clicks on the chest, we give two breaths through the mouth after lifting the chin up, pushing the forehead back, blocking the nose and then returning at the same pace to press the chest.
Of course we continue until the ambulance calls
*** It is necessary for the person who works the CPR to be experienced or from the medical field… Anyone can implement this topic in emergency situations without hesitation because the difference between your intervention and non-intervention may be death.