Weren't we taught psychiatry back in mbbs?

Weren’t we taught psychiatry back in mbbs?

Didn’t we take cases as young and exuberant UGs in the psych wards?

Didn’t we solve 1000s of pschiatry mcqs before landing that coveted seat in our dream branches?

But today i ask you one thing, did we really learn anything?

I saw this post regarding a 1st year PG being depressed and considering quitting the seat he studied soo hard for.

And when i read the comments i died a little inside.

These dense retards commenting “suck it up” or “man up” in the comments must have an utter and complete lack of empathy.

It pains me to see fellow medicos behave in such an indifferent and apathetic manner towards their peers that aren’t coping with stress of 1st year of residency.

This is the kind of behaviour and approach towards depression amongst new residents by seniors/peers that has perpetuated the never ending vicious cycle of dropping out/committing suicides.

This needs to end, wake tf up.

The general public had notion about doctors being heartless people; i used to disagree with them initially but i believe them now.