What about all the events going on now?

Marrow, we operate on a very strong thesis. We are strong optimists about the future of the practice of Medicine in India. We believe the next decade will be the best decade to be a doctor in India, and this is backed by pure evidence.

But, what about all the events going on now?

The Dip

If you look at the graph there is no doubt we are in the Dip phase of the curve. From the Doctor = God period we reached this Dip phase over the last decade, driven by the commercialization of healthcare, expectation mismatch between consumers (patients) and provider, and to an extent then erosion of values within the medical fraternity (eg. Pharma cutbacks).

But the good news is that we are nearing the end of this Dip. There is strong evidence in favor, which are the Macro trends in play. Mainly :

The population - This is simple demand-supply math. There is a growing population and an ageing population. India poised to be the most populous country in 2025 presents a challenge and opportunity like never before.

Growth in GDP - Driven by the growing middle class and millions moving out of poverty, everyone would look for better care of self and the dear ones. Nearly 80% of households in the next decade will be middle-income, up from about 50% today. The middle class will drive 75% of out of pocket consumer spending in the next decade. This boost in consumption is expected to create an unprecedented level of wealth in circulation, which will enable them to pay for better healthcare.

Demand for better quality - Even in the dip phase we can see that, there is an ever growing demand for tertiary care centers.

Therapeutic Advances - We have more to offer to our patients. Better data and medicine, there is less guesswork, more results, and predictable risk.

Solidarity Among Doctors - What the recent strike (which started in West Bengal), has proven is that the current generation of doctors is more connected, united and powerful. If we move forward with the same solidarity and sense of purpose, we should be able to write our own future.

The worst thing to do at this point is to get disillusioned. We are nearing the end of the Dip! The growth curve will pick up and let’s make sure we make the best use of it.

To date, being a doctor remains one of the most fulfilling profession - Recession proof and outcome-driven. At some magical moment, we all chose to be a real-life warrior. We chose to take care of the sick, we chose to tame the human body and mind, with evidence and the scientific method.

It’s a big challenge. A hard one. But hey, if not us, then who?

Happy Doctor’s Day!

Dr. Deepu Sebin