What about ORTHO? I have keratoconus but Good vision with glasses

What about ORTHO?? I have keratoconus but Good vision with glasses…will surgeries be difficult for me??? i mean my ophthalmologist told me that U van take any surgical branch except for microsurgical br.(optha,neuro) PLEASE GUIDE RESIDENTS and Also for OBS/GYN 🌷

Last day For me to lock choices for my state

if you are worried so much about the tiny bleeders then you are not qualified to be an orthopaedic surgeon

sometimes you have to care for tiny bleeders…I didn’t lock it… Well I just asked… Not that interested in ortho

Just kidding…

But if you aren’t interested in Ortho then don’t opt for it

Then keratoconus is secondary

In my college one resident of ophthal got keretoconus surgry done and she was doing very fine…i dont have her number ,my hod told me so

Lock, Lock, Take Ortho…

Do The Surgery Later With Huge Money You’ll Earn Later…But Don’t Leave Ortho

Can someone wit colour blindness take up ortho at aiims n other central universities? Plz guide any1

Take medical branch if you feel your eyes may not co-operate later .why take risk ?