What about people with Antisocial personality disorder etc?

Regarding presence of guilty mind, what about people with Antisocial personality disorder etc?
they can commit crimes without guilt and remorse, but even so, they’re held criminally responsible

I guess in Kleptomania, its more of a compulsion, they have diminished responsibility!

In APD, they actually know that these are crimes and they do it anyways!!

Just an opinion, dont know for sure 😬 when i did MCQs on these, i was thinking in that direction and got the correct answers!

ASPD diagnosis in an individual does not give immunity to his criminal or illegal activities, he will be liable.

For, that matter any diagnosis will not in itself can give immunity to the activities performed. At the time of act, the person should have been unsound to such an extent that he was not able to know the consequences of his/her act, or is unable to know whether his act is right/wrong and so on… lots of factors will be taken into the context by judiciary, not just diagnosis… in fact, no diagnosis in itself will give immunity to being criminally liable…

thank you sir