What are some of the 'Red Flags' you have?

What are some of the ‘Red Flags’ you have?
Mine are:
-I failed my 2nd semester and had to repeat it.
-I failed step 1 by 1 point. I retook it and passed with a score below average, no significant improvement.
-I passed step 2 ck by 1 point higher than step 1.
-I postponed my graduation by 2 yrs due to personal issues.
The reason for sharing this is bc i believe its impt for people who struggled to speak up. We are all imperfect humans and you are NOT alone! It is impt to acknowledge our limitations and eventually overcome them. When i submitted my application, i cannot help but wonder why ANY program would even consider me for an interview. During the ivs, i realized that programs want residents who are resilient and can persevere. Applicant who can face and overcome adversity is a lot more relatable than those who had it easy their whole life. Do not shy away from your ‘red flags’/ blame others/ see yourself as a victim. Take responsibility and own up to it. Explain how this struggle make u a better physician. Do not give up. we can get through this together! I hope this helps! Stay safe and, more importantly, kind to each other.