What are the consequences of masturbation?

What are the consequences of masturbation?

Self destruction. Loss of memory

man in as much as i dont suport dat crab…scientifically its is benefitcial nd does nt cause any loss of memory rather make u stress out out nd tired of thinking in order yo give u a rest of body nd for dy spiritual aspect…according to ur religion
There are no medical side effects of maturbation, its totally healthy, but don’t masturbate too much

But can if you had been doing it and stoped it will it afect you?

Oh dear it has only destruction and no benifit. Just study thoroughly Tabish

Low intake of food,sleepiness,difficulty of erection during sex,white hairs,legs and hands become stiffy,angry,laziness.It affects the hormone called EROTOXIN that works with brain

That’s not right!!!
The only thing that u can get is an infection IF u do it with a dirty hands!! :face_with_raised_eyebrow::unamused:

and for all those who talk about spirituality, I let you know that it is better for a man to masturbate than to have sexual inter course before marriage
don’t mislead the group. It is better to have control over the devil thoughts

Its a form of treatment or recommendation in cases of premature ejaculations… We use that to correct some sexual malfunctions… Just that it can be habitual and somehow addictive in nature… It gives u thought of same masturbation over normal human thoughts of leaving right among people…etc etc

If you mistakenly ejaculate your billionaire child and leave a palm wine taper how will that be

It decreases the size of the penis cause psychological problems amnesia feeling of guilt and inferiority complex etc