What are the job opportunities after MD radio?

What are the job opportunities after MD radio? Is it wise to take up this branch if I don’t have the capability to open own centre? Will I need to search for job after MD radio since there’s no scope of private practice? Seniors kindly guide.
P. S: Pls no mocking and unnecessary manipulation.

Not evryone can make centre still people r taking

yeah trying to know about prospects

Radio is an in demand course. Wait for the manipulators

can u elaborate?

in tier 1 cities ur fear is true but the chance of getting a job is high, pay might be compromised.

If u r ready to move to tier 2 …there are good oppurtunities.

tier 2 and 3 cities also don’t have enough diagnostic centres

tier 3 is a bad choice.

In tier 2 u can manage by the local docs and make them refer patients to u paying some.

It’s all matter of business how u manage once u enter.

Don’t worry about it.