What are the jobs prospects for Pathology after PG?

What are the jobs prospects for Pathology after PG? Also, how helpful/ how much more salary can be a superspeciality in patho be? Somebody please guide. Also, is it worth leaving Anaesthesia for Patho?

Patho is a good branch ,only condition is you have to be a good diagnostician …your histo diagnosis should be exact …money will follow automatically

If salary is one of your major deciding criteria then avoid patho.

Is the overall income really that low? Is it not wise to think about it as a career option

that’s exactly what i am trying to convey. Take it only if you like the subject and the working environment. If you compare it to other clinical subjects in terms of income then compensations are comparatively lower. Not everyone can open his/her own lab. Its more capital intensive. Also requires innovative marketing skills and involves financial risk taking attitude. Even after opening a lab, there’s no guarantee that it will run successfully. People might tell you how dr lal or srl have made fortunes, but the fact is that those are one in a million, i.e those examples are outliers. That’s why one must go for it only if he loves it, not for money.