What are the platelets and what is the role of their human health?

What are the platelets and what is the role of their human health?

Usually, in Pakistan, there is a small mention of the cells or particles within the human blood but less on the social media and social media, but for the last few days, the former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s jail has been spoiled and his platelets are reduced. Everyone is showing up on them.

But most people do not know what is the most important particle in human blood and what is the role of them in human health?

According to medical experts, platelets are actually the smallest small particles of the plate in the blood of human body and the membrane is made around them, their work is to stop evacuation from the body of human blood.

These cells are circulating with platelet blood and in any part of the body, they are found in the form of a membrane, and they make a membrane and prevent blood from coming out of the body.
According to medical experts, the human blood is collected in the mind due to the absence of platelets or due to extreme reduction, due to which many complications can take birth and the blood may start coming out of the body and lack of it. The reason can also become.

According to experts, the number of platelets in a healthy human body is lakh to lakhs, and it makes the bone marrow according to the need of the bone.
Some experts think that if the number of platelets in a human is 25 thousand or sometimes 10 thousand, it is not a matter of trouble.
However, if the number of them is less than 10 thousand, then the body of the human is the risk of evacuation of blood and the nose can start bleeding.
The lack of platelets can also cause some autoimmune outbreak, kidney disease, disorder in the body’s immune system and the replay of the medicine, and the human being has enough weakness.
To know the number of platelets in the human body, it has to test the blood of the ‘platelet blood count’ (BBC) which is from 400 to 400 rupees in Pakistan.
The CD test does not only know the number of platelets in the human body, but this test also knows other types of particles including red and white particles in human blood.
Experts say that the number of platelets can be reduced due to multiple diseases and such diseases include ‘Dengue’ fever.