What are the properties of peppers?

What are the properties of peppers?

The health of the heart and veins

Peppers have vitamin B, C, sodium, iron, and folic acid, which in addition to heart health prevent heart diseases such as heart attack, vascular eclipse and coronary veins.

Treatment of facial acne

Other benefits of peppers, especially green peppers, is the combination of green pepper juice with carrot juice that can be effective in treating acne and facial acne.


Peppers are a rich source of fiber that can increase intestinal movements and reduce constipation by improving digestion and strengthening the stomach.


The existence of antioxidant properties in pepper juice preserves refreshing and refreshing skin and reduces signs of old age.

Infection removal

Peppers have an anti-infectious and anti-bacterial feature that can prevent skin infections, eczema and athletes foot disease (Zona).


Peppers have an effective role in improving digestive and preventing inflation due to the existence of vitamin. and urinating feature.

The properties of peppers for hair

To stimulate your hair growth, boil some spicy red peppers in water for an hour and after cooling, wash your hair and let it stay the same for an hour.

Strengthen the blood veins

Other important properties of peppers are the existence of iron and vitamin C, which play an effective role in improving bleeding and strengthening blood veins.

Anti-cancer prostate

Red pepper color is due to the existence of a substance called lycopen that plays a great role in preventing prostate cancer.

Digestive system health

Another important benefits of peppers are the existence of fiber, protein and vitamin C that can play a huge role in the health and performance of digestive devices.

The properties of peppers for weight.

According to studies, dump peppers are one of the lowest calories due to having high tissue water, and due to high fiber, about 2 grams in 100 grams can be used on weight diet

Blood cholesterol control

Other commonyyyyyyyy peppers, especially its spicy type, are the properties of controlling bad blood cholesterol due to the existence of a substance called capsicine.

Solving menstruation and menopause problems

● Using peppers to have plenty of potassium and iron can reduce its problems by adjusting the menstruation cycle

● According to scientists, the existence of carotenoids in peppers can prevent menopause problems such as inflammation, breast cancer, ovarian cancer and…

Strong fat burning

According to Japanese researchers, the existence of a substance called capsicine, whether sweet or spicy peppers, can stimulate body metabolism and prevent jerbie firing.

Keeping the density of bone tissue

Red peppers especially are a rich source of calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, roy and potassium that can strengthen and strengthen bone tissue.

Growth of body cells

Chili peppers or red peppers have a relatively spicy taste from which a spice called paprika has vitamins such as E, C, B and A that helps to grow and grow the body.

Strengthen the immune system of the body

Green peppers are a rich source of vitamin E that can protect cellular and strengthen the body’s immune system.

Strengthen memory

The presence of chlorophyll and magnesium in dump peppers, especially green peppers, can help strengthen memory and increase learning.

Properties of peppers for blood pressure

Another feature of peppers is a rich and potassium existence that can help to regulate and reduce high blood pressure with better bleeding.


Peppers containing the vitamin B, especially. and magnesium, which can reduce stress and anxiety by improving brain performance.

The properties of peppers for the skin

Another feature of peppers is due to the existence of vitamin E and B that can play an important role in skin health and refreshing.

Tooth health stkhvạn bone

Peppers are a rich source of calcium, iron and vitamin C that strengthens and healthy teeth and bones.

Enhancing vision

Other properties of peppers are the existence of a material called betacaroten and its high antioxidant feature that can help strengthen vision.

Nervous system health

Group B’s foats and vitamins available in dump peppers improve brain performance and bring health and nervous system performance.

Prevention of atritis and arthritis

Regular use of peppers due to anti-inflammatory properties and having many vitamin C can be useful in treating arthritis especially arthritis.

The health of the eye

Different types of peppers, especially orange and yellow, are a rich source of carotnoes that can help eye health and reduce eye diseases.

Anti Cancer

Another important properties in peppers is an antioxidant and a substance called betacaroten that protects people from cardiovascular disease.

Benefits of peppers for diabetes

The existence of a combination called Antosiani in peppers that prevents the activity of two digestive enzymes called lipaz and alagagglucidar, and decreases carbohydrates and lipids.

As a result, the level of blood glucose is controlled.

Removal of eye macula

Eye macola is an eye disease caused by age so yellow and orange peppers can be effective in treating eye macula and pearl water by having lutin and zagantine.

The feature of peppers for children

● Strengthen bone tissue in children

Tooth and bone health ●

Treatment of lack of blood ●

The feature of peppers in pregnancy

● Helping digest food in this period

● Removal of pregnancy constipation due to a lot of fiber

● A type of natural anti-infection in this period especially anti-cough and cold ●

● Reducing depression in this era

● The available follets relieve birth defects

Effects of pepper dumps

● Pepper family are allergic so high-sensitivity people refrain from using it

● Excessive consumption causes kahir, skin inflammation and acne