What are the screening orders and vaccines for 2 min screen which we should remember?

I am sorry, just seeing this. I am not sure why I am not getting notifications when someone tags me. There is no need to put routine vaccines and routine screening orders on 2-min screens for most cases on exam. 2-Min screen is a very important screen to adjust the orders and to set up follow up testing for that active case - never even attempt to put in vaccines etc on 2-min screens of unstable 10-min cases. Please note simulated time ( patient time) is usually within a day by the time the 2-min screen shows up for most cases with ED presentation — if you put in a vaccine, it is regarded by software as though you gave a vaccine within a day in a unstable case for no appropriate reason. This misguidance about vaccines and routine screening orders for totally irrelevant cases came from both uworld/ccscases software. If we start putting these orders, we lose crucial time to put other important orders that are actually scored on 2-mins…In Archer ccs, Dr.Red says to focus on placing orders for follow-up monitoring of your medications/ procedural interventions that you already did for that active/ current problem. This means if you had an MI case and you started lipitor, you have to setup LFTs at 3 months, Lipid panel at 1 month after discharge ( you have to go to calendar, select 30 days to set up that test to meet the guidelines - these are ACC guidelines. They are scored because you are testing if your intervention is successful), you also have to order cardiac rehab for late dater. By doing these on 2-min you are monitoring for efficacy and toxicity of your interventions - THESE ARE SCORED BUT NOT THE ROUTINE VACCINES AND SCREENING. Specific counseling and vaccines that is “therapeutic” for that case will be scored - meaning "sexual partner needs treatment"is therapeutic counselling in a patient with trichomonas vaginitis because if you do not do it patient risks reinfection. Similarly, “pneumococcal” vaccine in patient that is admitted with pneumonia or COPD is therapeutic so, that may be scored. Not all the routine vaccines. So let us stop worrying about all routine screening/ vaccines on a valuable 2-min screen that should be used for other reasons like above. In a routine health check-up case in office, you can put routine screenings/ vaccines. Best!