What enough time I need for preparing for plab 1

what enough time I need for preparing for plab 1
And for studying sources Plabable + ( plab key or plabverse or Samson notes , which is better? )

4-6 weeks should be okay if you can devote around 6-8 hours a day.

  1. PLAB keys are helpful. They are short and concise. Jot them down and go over them as a basic revision.

  2. Complete Plabable question bank, repeat the questions (repeat the ones you couldn’t solve even more, jot them down, understand why the answer is what it is).

  3. Around a week remaining, start off with the MOCKS to get a grasp of the timings and questions.

  4. The OHCM and OHCS are there to help you build concepts. They are not textbooks so don’t go through the entire book. Just the topics you need clarification on.

  5. MCQS. Try to do atleast 50 a day starting from when you do start to prepare. Doesn’t matter if you get them wrong, look at the explanation and try to remember. That way you learn double: the keys as well as the mcqs. The 1700 Khalid MCQ bank is kinda old now, but still worth completing it.

  6. Revise. Instead of learning way more than necessary, revise what you have learnt so that you are clear of any confusions.