What has been the most significant advance in prostate cancer in 2019?

"The development of all the new targeted therapies based on genetics for advanced prostate cancer is going to be the next big breakthrough. Understanding the genetics involved and the development of precision medicine are all wrapped up together.

The therapies are not out yet, but they should be available either late this year or early next. The drugs are called PARP inhibitors and are in late-stage studies. They’ll be the first drugs for prostate cancer that are specifically targeted to common inherited genetic abnormalities.

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These drugs are known to have activity in breast and ovarian cancer, which we’ve discovered share common genetic alterations with prostate cancer. These drugs will be used to treat prostate cancer patients who have specific mutated genes in the DNA repair pathways.

Our cancer center has been involved with one of the PARP inhibitor studies. This class of drug is at the FDA being evaluated, and several agents are being fast tracked.

It’s going to be great because it gives patients who have advanced prostate cancer a whole new approach to treatment that we’ve never had before. These drugs represent the first truly precision treatment for advanced prostate cancer.”