What if the HOD is the one who make your life hell

what if the HOD is the one who make ur life hell. I have exactly same feelings for mbbs

even hods/dean doesn’t spare sr. They got scolded in front of us. Mbbs stud. And moreover it’s not a scolding but he literally screamed for no reason as if to show his superiority.

yes and that’s the kind of toxicity i hate. Which made me think that why would i enter this profession, I craved for sophistication but it is long lost inside. Sometimes i just skip my classes so that I can avoid seeing that particular person whose face can ruin my mental peace.

i mean would it kill them to be polite with their juniors ?

Time will go by n then u will do the same… vicious cycle

means they all show their frustration. They don’t care about patients.

According to me there is a very 3rd class field, sorry to say that as I am really fucked up with these docs. Then it feels like patients die.

cool down,have inboxed u