What is allergies or allergies?

What is allergies or allergies?

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Allergies, extreme reaction of the body’s immune system to the factors

It’s different. Those with allergies have a system

Safety are super smart that seems to be harassable to drugs

The creature in their place of life, overreacting as usual

They give. For example, plant round, can immune system

A person stimulates Aller Poetic as if he is in serious danger

He has faced it. Allergies are a very common problem and

Nearly two in ten people are suffering from some kind of it.


Do you get itchy when dealing with a cat? Socks

Does your hair bother your skin? The round that you do,

Does the subconscious sneeze you? Don’t be surprised anymore

You have allergies without knowing it.

Why is allergies or allergies happening?

When an extreme immune system is exposed to a matter

Allergies are going on, a few things happen:

1 bodies to fight the mentioned matter, starting to produce a special type.

Antibody or antibody (Antibody) pays the name of IgE

It has.

2 antibody in a kind of blood cell that is drunk with tuberculosis mast.

Cell name is being connected. These cells in the respiratory system

And the digestive system, which is the main location of the allerce agents,

They are so much.

3 drunks of tuberculosis with their own explosion of different chemicals, including.

They release historyamine, which is the main factor of emergence.

There are many symptoms of allergies, including these symptoms, you can

The itching of the throat and the water of the nose made me happy.

4 If the allergies are in the air, the reaction of Aller Disposing in. 4

Eyes, nose and lungs will come and if this material is eaten,

Aller Disposal reaction in mouth, stomach and other parts of the device

The digestion is showing. Sometimes the chemicals produced in the body

There are so many that very acute symptoms such as Kahir are reduced.

Blood pressure, shock or anesthesia (anaphilaxy shock) also created.

They are coming.

How do allergies work?

Allergies, sensitive reactions to drugs.

There are that may even be completely harmless and

It has nothing to do with gender, age and sex. In an operation that

Sensitivity is called, the body of a person vs a matter

Special makes an antibody that turns into allergies. In the door

The result is when a person contacts that special material, this system

Defense reacts negatively to it. Anti-allergies

They release hystamine in the blood of the body, which is also side issues.

It has. For example, the mucus membrane of the nose and eyes.

It’s juicy and itching. Also white mas and

The itching that is called Kahir is created in the body.

Considering the type of allergies and the part of the body involved,

Different symptoms such as itching skin, eyes or body, creating a kahir

And skin acne, sneezing, cough, sound breathing, mode

Nausea and vomiting will cause. In rare samples even allergies

Very dangerous and death-threatening hai also that anaphilaxis

They are called and it also happens.

What are the symptoms of allergies?

Allergies signs can be made in three mild, medium and mild types

He divided it sharp.

Mild reaction, includes signs that an area of

It affects the body, such as inflammation, itching and water

From the eye. Mild symptoms are not transferred to other parts of the body.

The sign of mediocre reaction, spreading in different parts of the body

They are itching and itching the eye may be with itching throat and shortness of breath

May it also lead.

The acute reaction that anaphylaxis name (anaphylaxis)

It has, rare and a dangerous situation including things.

They are among the medical emergency. In such a way

Cases, allergies spread all over the body. This is a possible situation

The set starts with a series of itching attacks on the eye and face.

Within a few minutes, spread quickly throughout the body and symptoms.

More serious like stomach pain, muscle eclipse, nausea and diarrhea

Looking for and at the same time the degree of respiratory inflammation and

Digestion reaches such a way that breathing and swallowing becomes very difficult.

Mental fraud and dizzy are also symptoms of allergies.

Because the problem of anaphylaxis also causes a severe decrease in blood pressure.

It will be.

‘lạỷm Symptoms of aller disclosure in the lungs in the skin in the shortness of breath (asthma)

Red and itching (kahir and eczema) and in the stomach and intestines

In the face of diarrhea, vomiting and pain (food allergy)

It is.

Does everyone have some kind of allergies?

Not everyone is necessarily allergic. Most of the allergies, of course, are inherited

They are and are transferred from parents to children. People

They can also inherit allergies ability and at the same time

Now they are not sensitive to any special material and only the role of transfer.

Play the giver. When one of the parents kind of

Allergies are infected, the chance of having a child is 50 % and if any

Two of them are al-weaknesses, this amount reaches 75 %

Who are in danger?

Anyone can have allergies at any time. Allergies spread

In the United States, it is almost between 9 and 16 percent. Although, some

Food allergies in childhood (such as eggs or citrus) are possible

The set will develop as it grows. Factors such as inheritance,

Children who are not fed from mother’s milk, early use of time.

Some aller conflicts (like eating Indian almonds for children)

Under 2) can be predicted if you’re suffering

Will you be allergic or not?

Allergies test

The doctor can easily do skin allergies tests

Find out if you’re allergic or not but 100

The percentage is not reliable. Doctor also with scratching

A small part of the skin with a needle injecting a very small amount of

That allergies on the skin will know this point. In some people

Blood test cases can also detect allergies

Use more dangerous and deadly.

Common allergies

Dust and dust

If you’re allergic to dust, your allergies are probably because of

The existence of earthworms. These creams in far clothes

Throwed and useless that cause the soil of your home.

It is possible, they grow. Also these allergies from the existence of quantity

Too much dust in dark places and tigers like basement or bathrooms

It is created that they are not made right.


For these allergies, symptoms like sneezing, coughing and sound breathing

There is. Maybe someone with this allergy while rotating

And cleaning the house even has water and eye itching.

Be. This allergies can also cause asthma and in

Creates the whole wrong environment for life.

The treatment

To prevent this issue all the carpets that look round

And they keep a lot of dust or humidity in themselves with a carpet.

Replace it. Use anti-allergies pillows and sheets

Wash the bed constantly with hot water.

Yunje and round fever

Yonje fever or aller Mucus swollen, seasonal allergies to calculus

It comes because there are many rounds in the air from trees,

Grass, plants and seeds are created. This is

Allergies are one of the most common allergies.


The water and itching of the eyes, sneezing, itching throat, mouth and door

Some asthma cases are the symptoms of this allergy. In the seasons of spring and

Summer this allergies is so troublemaking.

The treatment

If you suffer from this kind of seasonal allergies, you better be careful

Be the rounds available in the air. Your doctor is also possible

Profilactic drugs such as ractine or claritin are prescribed for you

Slow down.

How to keep aller conflicts away from ourselves?

Allergies and the presence of pets have a direct relationship.

Does cuddle your pet cat sneeze? Investigation

Dr. Califred shows that you need to deal with allergies

Don’t you have to take out your beloved cat. If you are interested in the amount of things

Reduce Aller Puitiza, using the following methods can be useful:

Keep 1 pets away from your bedroom; also.

It’s better to be at home than a good air cleaner

Use it.

2 as much as Dr. Bassett says, pets are ineffective.

They are not. Shirley Colston, author of the book ′′ Do to Pets ′′

Do you have allergies?" believe pets are that much

They are not ineffective Animals with more waste including

They lose pieces of skin and hair, they can do the same

Have more potential to create allergies.

3 To reduce the amount of sneezing, once a few days.

Clean the house and rotate.

4 Take your pet to the bath and its hair every once in a while.

Brush the. Especially if your male animal is pieces of skin and

Or he loses his hair. If your allergies are severe

You can ask someone else for help.

. 5 Would you like to get a new cat? If you are really determined

You are, better than male cats with bright colors

Make your choice. Results of a research indicates that cats

Male with dark skin, cause more allergies.