Is it another name of permitted seat?

Or is the approved seat not yet permitted?

Anyone please share your valuable knowledge about this…

An MCI permitted seat is any MBBS or Post Graduation (PG) Degree/ Diploma seat which has been allowed by MCI to admit students.

A MCI permitted seat is any MBBS (UG) or Post Graduation (PG) Degree/ Diploma seat which has been allowed by MCI to admit students. So If a student has completed his/her UG/PG in a MCI permitted seat but not a MCI recognized seat can only practice in state in which the institute is located. For example a student has done his UG/PG Degree from an institute in Maharashtra which has a seat which is MCI permitted but not MCI recognized then that student can only practice in Maharashtra and not in any other state in India. But If that seat gets recognized by MCI in future then he can practice anywhere in India……approved seat bcoms after a span of 3 years

When a new course is added or a new seat is added NMC permits the institute to add seats through a letter of permission. (LOP). The seats are called permitted till they get recognized after inspection at the end of 3 years

Approved and permitted seats are the same thing. From 2021-22 new seat additions are mentioned as approved(NMC has started using this term) . Prior to that new seat additions were mentioned as permitted. Only terminology change - nothing else. Basically you will see all 2021-22 new seat additions only mentioned as approved.

Would suggest not to read too much into approved and permitted. The first four batches of any newly added seat will be eligible to register in any state even if not recognized later.i.e. if recognition is not provided after 4 years, there will be no more batches. But first 4 batches would be eligible for registration. For this batch any seat added in 2018-19 or later, even if it is permitted would be safe to take (including those added in 2021-22 and 2022-23 mentioned as approved). Suggest not to go by any generic opinion and miss out on a seat which is permitted or approved.

This change has happened since 2018 and so if someone mentions that they faced difficulties 10 years back and were not register for 5 years since 2009 - suggest to ignore those. Or my senior was not able to do super specialty in 2012 or in 2015 - ignore those as well.

If you are in first four batches of the new seat - you will be able to register at the end of the course and go for SS too.