What is blood pressure? What are the causes and symptoms? How is it treated?

Blood pressure is a force or pressure that enters the wall of the veins from blood. The blood that pumps the heart into the arteries to reach all parts of the body with their help. Increasing blood pressure, also called ′′ hypertension is a dangerous disease because it causes the heart to work with more pressure and hardship, and also a factor for hardening the veins or stiffness of the arteries or ′′ atrosclerose These injuries eventually lead to heart incompetence.

Factors that cause hypertension?

The certain reasons for the increase in blood pressure are not yet known, but according to the research of several factors that follow up may be involved in this increase;

kshydn Smoking

chạqy Obesity

fzyky Lack of physical activity

• Salty diet

lkly Consumption of alcohol

ẕṭrạb Stress and anxiety

bạlạ Old age

jntyky Genetic agents

bạlạ Family history of high blood pressure

mzmn Chronic kidney disease

tyrvỷyd Super alcohol and thyroid disorders

What are the symptoms of blood pressure?

Unfortunately, most of the time high blood pressure shows no signs or signs of itself. In fact, a third of those who have high blood pressure are not aware of their illness. The only sure way to inform you about your blood pressure condition is to keep it controlled by the doctor.

If your blood pressure suddenly goes too high it can cause symptoms that each is a new alarm for you. Symptoms like:

shdyd Severe headache

gychy Sir Gichi

bynạyy Vision problems

synh Chest pain

mnẓm unregulated heartbeat

drạr The existence of blood in urine

Who is more exposed to blood pressure?

People whose family members are suffering from blood pressure.

People who smoke.

Women who are pregnant.

Women who use anti-pregnancy medicines.

People over 35 years old.

People who are overweight or fat.

People with no physical activity.

Those who use alcohol.

Those who have a diet full of salt and fat

Blood pressure mixes:

dmạghy brain attack

qlby Heart failure

qlby Heart attack

Kidney failure and problems should be seen.

How is the treatment of blood pressure?

Blood pressure is improved primarily by changing the lifestyle of patients and then using medication. Changing the way of life includes the following;

vzn Weight loss

sgrt Quitting smoking

) Having a proper diet plan (proper diet plan includes low fat, low salt and daily use of fruits and vegetables)

mnạsb Doing proper exercises