What is 'death' in the real sense?

What is ‘death’ in the real sense?

It’s the total cessation of functions of heart and lungs which eventually stop all the organs from functioning

Departure from the world of the living to under world

Death is an ultimate truth, which ends every desires, every feelings and everything.
Death keeps no calendar as well said .
Death opens real eyes of the human.

death is when u go back of ur Allah and then u will get either pradice or hell

Death also means to be late, in another way is the last enemy to be destroy, note this all living soul it’s an obligatory to end this world after death is judgement.

is the situation where you fine yourself with out soul

DEATH is the total termination of the body systems

For me, death is the termition of contract between god and every human being in an appropriate time in other to give an account of the task giving to him or she on the earth.

According to Aki ola…Death is defined as a permanent cessation of life.

According to a ductor’s defination death is the expirering date of the brain

After our death our soul just finds another body to start a new life and the process continues.

According to WHO define death is the permanent disappearance of all evidence of life that occur in a population in a specific period of time

Too me when the Respiratory system stop, circulatory stop and excretory stop this is clinical death

It is no an function special blood vessels vane, artery juggle veni ,heart , respiratory,.and all body come cool and also no sense at all

When it comes to you, you will surely know. Moreover, you might have witnessed or attended a burial ceremony somewhere.