What is everyone’s experience as an eczema patch heals?

What is everyone’s experience as an eczema patch heals? Any typical stages your skin goes through?
I know healing isn’t linear or the same for everyone, but just trying to see where my skin might be at as it appears to be getting better for the first time in forever…

Interesting question… some time ago the way my skin used to heal was that the rash would itch… then it would calm down crust and ooze and then the skin would become new. But now it doesnt ooze. It just gets red and bumpy and it is very painful when the skin breaks. It heals for a bit them comes back. Every location the rash was at becomes darker. Even a location that hasn’t had a rash in years is darker than the rest of the skin. I think that can heal but of course we are sensitive to try so many products because we are still in the stage of trying to control the flare ups. Because so far the flare ups control me. Which is sad. It does heal to normal feeling skin. It doesnt get as leathery anymore since i started using aquaphor