What is HIV? (human immunodeficiency virus ) HIV

What is HIV?

(human immunodeficiency virus ) HIV

The name is a virus that causes AIDS; in this disease, the immune system of this disease, it causes deadly infections and some cancers.

AIDS is an acquired immuno deficiency syndrome or acute immune deficiency syndrome, first used in 1892.

HIV-caused disease has three stages:

In the first stage #(severe infection) a person may experience an influenza-like disease for a short time which is not certain in all people, therefore this disease is usually followed for a long period of time without any symptoms, which is called the #circle of the disease.

The more the disease develops, the more weaker the immune system is found and eventually the disease will enter the third stage or #AIDS when the number of CD4+T cells reaches less than 200 cells per macroliter.

Symptoms of AIDS:

1-Fast weight loss

2- Repeated fever or fever for more than a month

3- the definition of a lot of night

4- Severe and inexplicable weakness and fatigue

5- Aries that last more than a month

6- Continuous lung infection or cough

7-Depression or other nervous disorders

8-Red, brown, pink or purple spots on the skin, inside the mouth and nose or eyelids.

The most common ways of transmitting HIV virus:

1- The discovery of blood or blood products infected with the virus

2- Sexual relationship with a person infected with the virus

3-Using a common tunnel

4- The joint organs of people infected with the virus

5- From the way of the mother infected with fetus before birth and after birth through breastfeeding.

Unfortunately, there is no known cure for AIDS at the moment;

No vaccine has been discovered for it and no proven method has been found to eliminate the power of contamination of HIV virus carriers, therefore so far the only solution to AIDS has been “prevention”