What is the difference between the bacteria of children born from natural ways and sy̰zy̰ry̰n?

What is the difference between the bacteria of children born from natural ways and sy̰zy̰ry̰n?

The biggest study related to children’s birth has been revealed that children who are naturally born naturally and the children who are through sy̰zy̰ry̰n or operation are different in a dramatic way from each other. Are.

Britain scientists say that these microbus works ’ Thermo State ’ for children’s immune system.

And this can help explain why children born through operation have slightly more problems regarding health at the age.

Experts Have emphasis on women that they are called ‘wy̰jạỷnl sy̰ڈ ng’, do not stop the children.

How important is the stomach bacteria?
Our whole body is not a human being but an echo system means system of life in which half of our body are made from microscores like bacteria, virus and p ھ wnd.

Most of them are in our stomach and they are called ‘Microbayum’.

These microbạy̰wm belongs to allergy, mw ٹ ạp ے, womb inflammation diseases, Parkinson, even cancer medicine will work or also connected to depression and autism etc.

Welcome Sanger Institute, UC and university of Birmingham has been reviewed in this study that when we come out of mercy and come to the world full of germs, how microbioum be ready Is it.

About 600 newborn children’s first month napez was taken and in some case there were taken for one year’s samples.

This research has been published in the research gathering nature. It has shown that the children who were naturally born have mostly got the bacteria from their mother.

But in the children born from operation there was a high level of hospital bugs like clebsiodomonas.

Welcome Sanger Institute Dr. ٹ Ry̰wr Lali said, “the thing that surprised me and scared me was the amount of health care bugs seen in these children.” this is 30 % of their microbioum Can. ’

But the thing that enthusiasm in me is that we have amazing statistics based on how we can prepare human system at the beginning of birth. ’

If you count all the poles of your body, you are more microb than human being because you only 43 % are human being.
The rest are microbiology which include bacteria, virus, p ھ wnd and one cell arkia.
The Whole Set of human genetic instructions of human genetic instructions is based on 20 thousand instructions and it is called Jane.
But when you combine all your jeans with microbayum, all get two crore microbelle jeans.
Our Microbayum is also called ‘Jenme Sani’.
Does this affect child’s health?
It is already known that children who are born through operation are more risk of diabetes, allergies and dm ے of 1

Power System which is not running according to normal can play a role in all of them.

The difference between children and children born by operation ends with time and become equal to their first birthday.

The strong idea in this sector is that the bugs who live in our body are very important to recognize our strength to recognize the enemy and friend.

UCL researcher dr. nijl field said: ‘assumption is that the birth of birth may be a moment which decides our strength for future.’

This study named baby bạy̰wm project will continue and will continue to monitoring the children with their birth and hope it will be more explanation.

Can you change child’s microbayum another way?
The way of birth is the most influence on children’s microbiotics but anti-Biotics and mother also effects on our human half and microbeel half and microbiel half.

In this sector, the trend of ’ wy̰jạỷnl sy̰ڈ ng ’ has come forward, under which the form of birth through operation, mothers get the child’s body and mouth.

But in fresh research, it is revealed that even the children who are naturally born can’t find a lot of vagina of vagina compared to the children born through operation.

Instead of this, there is more by̰ḵ ٹ ry̰ạ in the child from the pain of pain za. Researchers think that getting wy̰jạỷnl sy̰ڈ ng can danger of dangerous group b-s ٹ ry̰p.

It is possible that the child born through operation can be given a mix of good bacteria at the time of birth so that they start on the right path in the world.

Dr. Lali said: " these are the bugs that are attributed to us and we are attributed to them. I am interested in knowing which microbus or germs move from mother. It is not just agree but these bugs humans As well as the growth is found.

’ we want to understand and save this from mother and child’s relationship. ’

What should pregnant women do?
Dr. Alison Wright, Vice President of real college of ậbs ٹ ry̰sẖy̰n and gạỷnạḵlwjy̰, said that these discovery important and it should not want women from sy̰zy̰ry̰n.

He said: ’ in many case there is a way to save sy̰zy̰ry̰n life and it can be a proper choice for a child.

‘there is no explanation about the real character of microbạy̰d ہ and the factors that change it. So I think this research will not turn away from women operation.’