What is the mode of transmissions for lamellar ichthyosis?

The most likely diagnosis
A Vitamin C deficiency
B Vitamin B 2 deficiency
C Biotin deficiency
D Vitamin D deficiency
E Vitamin B 12 deficiency

What is the mode of transmission for lamellar ichthyosis?
A. Sporadic
B. X-linked dominant
C. Autosomal dominant
D. Autosomal recessive
E. X-linked recessive

What is the treatment of choice for neurotic excoriations?
A. Risperidone
B. Doxepin
C. Olanzapine
D. Gabapentin
E. Diphenhydramine

A 20-year-old patient presents with white patches of skin that have developed around his mouth and eyes. He has a past history of diabetes and you note that where a patch crosses the left eyebrow the hair is white. You suspect a diagnosis of vitiligo but also consider other causes of acquired hypopigmentation. Which of the following would not be in your differential diagnosis:
A Pinta
B Leprosy
C Piebaldism
D Pityriasis alba
E Post-inflammatory from lupus

Leishmania donovani is transmitted by:
A. Callitroga americana
B. Phlebotomus
C. Glossina
D. Attagenus megatoma
E. Anopheles

What is the most common digital manifestation of patients with systemic lupus erythematosus?
A. Periungual telangiectasia
B. Raynaud phenomenon
C. Splinter hemorrhages
D. Sclerodactyly
E. Digital pitting scars

Which of the following stains is specific for melanin?
A. S-100
B. HMB-45
C. Fontana-Masson
E. Melan-A

The most likely diagnosis:
A Milia
B Keratosis pilaris
C Rosacea
D Acne vulgaris
E Folliculitis

A six year old girl presents after being sent home from school for “lice”. On examination, there are structures on the hair which are freely slide along the hair shaft. What is the most likely diagnosis?
A. Pediculosis
B. Hair casts
C. Trichoptilosis
D. Monilithrix
E. Pili annulati

Specialty: Cardiology

A lady aged 35 years presents post an episode of rapid, regular palpitations experienced as a “rapid pounding sensation in her neck” which was sudden in onset, lasted for nearly 20 minutes and terminated suddenly without treatment.

The lady is also polyuric. The paramedics conducted an ECG during the episode.

The lady had encountered a few shorter but similar episodes during the course of last 2 to 3 months. The lady is otherwise in good health and is not taking any drugs.

A couple has two children affected with tuberous sclerosis. On detailed clinical and laboratory evaluation (including molecular studies) both parents are normal. Which one of the following explain the two affected children in this family?

  1. Non penetrance
  2. Uniparental diasomy
  3. Genomic imprinting
  4. Germline mosaicism

A female aged 64 years old complains of pain and stiffness in both shoulder girdles for 3 months.

She said these symptoms appear upon waking up, and last for a couple of hours before gradually subsiding. She also stated that with gentle activity, stiffness tends to reduce where as by prolonged rest, her stiffness elevates.

X-rays of both shoulders were normal.

A patient with a history of MI has been diagnosed with locally advanced breast cancer. Which drug will be contraindicated in this case?

  1. Anthracycline
  2. Alkylating agent
  3. Platinum compound
  4. Bisphosphonates