What is the need for reservation after becoming a doctor?

What is the need for reservation after becoming a doctor?

Obc, sc ,st, ews

What is the value of the hard work of the people coming into the general category due to all these?

When a person has become a doctor, how did he become a backward class?

This is all just vote bank politics.

If development is happening year by year, reservation should be reduced, why is it increasing?

Those whose parents, grandfather etc are in government jobs, what are they taking reservation for?

Can believe that there are some classes that really need reservation but are they really getting the benefit? Because those who are financially rich are taking advantage of reservation, whose parents are in high position, there should be a solution for this that reservation should be given only to those who need it.

People coming to OBC are mostly from rich families, ahead in studies, sports jumps, jobs, then how did all OBCs become backward without checking?

It should also be decided in SC ST that who really needs reservation, who does not.

How will you move forward as long as you believe yourself to be backward?

Ews should also have income criteria correctly!

How can we give good doctors to the country with so much reservation?

If we don’t unite, what is going on will continue and we will have to suffer the faults.

When the form was filled the reservation was less, we prepared because we hoped that we can be selected, we worked so hard and now by putting reservation, is it right to water our hard work and expectation?

Voice should be raised and those who dare to raise should be encouraged.

– Disappointed general candidate

Chill and start studying for neet pg 22.

This reservation policy is going to stick for atleast 2 more decades.

See if any government wins an election its a matter of thousands of crores.

The minute they change the policy their government will collapse. Now who in their right mind would do that.

I know reservation and management quota is unfair but that is the real world.

So don’t get into these frustration while studying and work hard.