What is the next step in management?

A newborn after prolonged labour is not
breathing well and after 30 seconds of
receiving 100% oxygen by bag and mask,
heart rate is 88 beats per min, what is the
next step in management?
a) Discontinue oxygen and ventilation
b) Discontinue oxygen, continue ventilation
c) Continue oxygen and ventilation
d) Start chest compressions
Correct Answer - C
Answer- C. Continue oxygen and ventilation
After the infant has received 30 seconds of ventilation with
100% oxygen by bag and mask, evaluation of heart rate should
be done -
HR >100 → Discontinue ventilation if spontaneous respiration is
HR 60 to 100 → Continue ventilation
Below 60 → Continue ventilation + chest compressions
After 30 seconds of chest compressions, the heart rate is
HR < 60 → Continue chest compression and bag & mask ventilation

  • initiate medications.
    HR > 60 → Discontinue chest compression but continue bag &
    mask ventilation until the heart rate is above 100.
    [Ref: O.P.Ghai 7th/e p. 98]