What is the pathology of crocodile tear syndrome

what is the pathology of crocodile tear syndrome.

Whenever there is injury before GSP nerve … leading to abnormal regeneration of it…By knowing the course n branches of facial nerve in ME cavity…It continues ahead as Chorda tympani…So when Patient eats something sensation goes to Chorda tympani as it’s carrying taste sensations Ant.2/3 …has to be salivation…Bt as there is abnormal regeneration of GSP nerve…it joins facial nerve course… Leading to GSP stimulation also… It’s responsible for lacrimal secretions.

Occurs as a consequence of nerve regeneration subsequent to Bell’s palsy or damage to the facial nerve prior to geniculate ganglion in which efferent fibers from the superior salivary nucleus become improperly connected to nerve axons to the lacrimal glands (tear ducts) via Greater superficial Petrosal Nerves, causing unilateral lacrimation while eating Or smell of food