What is the scope of md anesthesia

What is the scope of md anesthesia in terms of money and work life balance?

Good branch.Adequate amount of medicine in it and tea breaks too

Good salary and good name and recognition too among surgeons

It’s one of the good branches which can give you the satisfaction of treating patients and you’ll earn just after the day of your completion of residency. You can for critical care and can even become the incharge of CCU.

It’s a branch which needs courage… A lot to study … A lot to know… The only problem is …u dont just grow by time in this field as in other medicinal branches… Rest is ok…

Decent amount of money and many a times earlier than ur fellow surgeon…but a plateau is der!

Balance u hv to make!!

  1. Hectic branch

  2. Sufficient patient interaction but less recognition as compared to surgeon.

  3. Rapid decision making within seconds is required…Adrenaline rush for a while and then boredom.

  4. One have to study a lot.

  5. Stressful and depressing.

  6. Dealing with dangerous drugs everyday.

Earlier earning money than others branch