What should the physician do to alleviate her fear?

A 17-year-old girl presents on May 10 in obvious emotional distress. On questioning, she relates that on May 1 she experienced sexual intercourse for the first time, without using any means of birth control. Most of her anxiety stems from her fear of pregnancy. What should the physician do to alleviate her fear?

1.Prescribe diazepam and wait to see if she misses her next menstrual period
2.Use ultrasonography to document pregnancy
3.Order a laboratory assay for serum hCG
4.Order a laboratory assay for serum progesterone
5.Prescribe diethylstilbestrol(morning after pill)


Human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) can be assayed in maternal serum at day 8 of development and in urine at day 10. If this teenager is pregnant, the blastocyst would be in week 2 of development (day 10). Laboratory assay of hCG in either the serum or urine can be completed; however, serum hCG might be more reliable. It is important to note that if she is pregnant, she will not miss a menstrual period until May 15, at which time the embryo will be entering week 3 of development.