What will be the most diagnostic test to confirm the condition?

A 7 months old baby is irritable and fails to gain weight. His stools are pale, frothy and bulky.
What will be the most diagnostic test to confirm the condition?

A.Sweat Test
B.Jejunal Biopsy
C.Endomysial Antibodies
D. Stool Culture
E. Liver biopsy

A young girl suddenly losses consciousness especially when she is asked to make presentation at school …what is the likely diagnosis for her her syncopal attack ?

A.vasovagal syncope
B.long qt syndrome
C.carotid sinus syndrome
D.propranelol dosage

A 55 year old male patient had TIA which he recovered from. He has a history of stroke and upon
examination his heart rate was in sinus rhythm. He is already on aspirin 75mg and anti-hypertensive
drugs. What other action should be taken?
A. Add Clopidogrel only
B. Increase the doses of aspirin to 300mg
C. Add Warfarin
D. Add Clopidogrel and Statins
E. Add Statins only

A 24–‐year–‐old schizophrenic man has recently been depressed. He is on treatment for schizophrenia and depression. Which one of the following increases his risk for
a. Alcohol
b. Fluoxetine
c. Haloperidol
d. Carbamazepine
e. Olanzepine

A 6wk baby has been dx as HIV+ve. Which immunization plan will you opt for him?a. Don’t give any vaccine
b. Give all vaccines except live attenuated vaccines
c. Give only BCG vaccine
d. Give all vaccines except BCG vaccine

A 4 year old child was diagnosed with epilepsy. His epilepsy is uncontrolled with sodium valproate despite compliance to the medication. What should be the next best investigation?
D. Blood and urine biochemistry

A patient was given Iv fluids and now he has following serum electrolytes:
Cl =normal …
what ia the likely cause …???
no keys no choices …

A 35 year old pregnant woman has been having tingling and numbness of her thumb, index and middle fingers for a while. She has been treated with local steroids but it has not helped much, and now she has been planned to undergo a surgical procedure. Which of the following structures will be incised?
A. Flexordigitorumprofundus
B. Transverse carpel ligament
C. Palmar aponeurosis
D. Extensor retinaculum

A 20yo young lady comes to the GP for advice regarding cervical ca. she is worried as her mother
past away because of this. She would like to know what is the best method of contraception in
her case?
a. POP
b. Barrier method
e. IUS

Hernia that is least likely to strangulate is
A. Femoral hernia
B. Direct inguinal hernia
C. Indirect inguinal hernia
D. Umbilical hernia

A 50yo man presents with the complaints of recurrent UTI and occasional blood in the urine. Some unusual cells have been seen in urine on routine exam. Which os the following inv would you like to carry out now

a. Cystoscopy
b. Urine C&S
d. US
e. CBC

57 year old lady, known breast cancer with no nodal involvement has been successfully treated. She now presents with seizures. On ct: Localized brain mets. Most appropriate tx?

A. Dex
B. Surgery
C. Radio

30 yr old woman suspected of having PID. Tx?

A. Ofloxacin and metro
B. Fluclox
C. Doxycyclin amd metro
D. Ceftriaxone
E. Ceftriaxone amd metro

60yo man presents with severe colicky pain from his right flank radiating to his groin. His urinalysis reveals trace blood cells. What is the single most discriminatory inv?

a. US abdomen
c. Colonoscopy
d. Upper GI endoscopy
e. Laproscopy

A 45 year old man with prostate cancer has just finished chemotherapy and radiotherapy. He presents with rigors and pain radiating to his groin.
What is the most appropriate investigation?
a. IVU
b. USS
c. X-ray of the kidney, ureters and bladder (KUB)
d. Serum calcium
e. Dietary history

A patient is on long standing indwelling catheter and now the catheter bag is turned purple. Dipstick test shows nitrates –ve, blood+. What investigation would you do next?
A. Urine culture and sensitivity
B. None
C. Urine porphobilinogen
D. USG abdomen

A 60yo man complains of tiredness, lethargy and itching that is severe after a hot bath. He also has nocturia, polyuria and nausea and vomiting. Exam: pallor, pigmentation and generalized edema. What is the single most likely dx?

a. Hyperthyroidism
b. Lichen planus
c. Lymphoma
d. Eczema
e. Liver failure
f. chronic renal failure.

A man has pierced his foot with a metal spike 10 hours ago. He has had 4 tetanus vaccinations with the last being 8 years ago. What is the most appropriate management?
A. Tetanus toxoid
B. Tetanus toxoid + immunoglobulin (Ig)
C. Tetanus Ig
D. Tetanus toxoid + Ig + antibiotics
E. Tetatnus Ig + antibiotics.

30 year old had an arguement with her boyfriend.they have decided to end their relationship.she is now depressed and worthless. what is the most likely outcome is left untreated?
a. Suicide
b. Bipolar affective disorder
c. Generalised anxiety disorder
d. Anxiety phoboid disorder
e. Hysteria

60 yr old lady, DM type 2, has bp 150/100. She has proteinuria and creatinine is 260. Tx?

B. Ace-i

A 43 year-old man presents to the ER with an excruciating chest pain radiates to his jaw and left shoulder. The patient is in moderate distress. Examination reveals a small nodule in his right Achilles tendon. Family history indicates that his father died of a heart attack in the age of 45. His laboratory tests reveal elevated levels of CK-MB, troponin T and very high level of cholesterol (670 mg/dL). A diagnosis of myocardial infarction and familial hypercholesterolemia is made in this patient. The patient is admitted to the intensive care unit (ICU) for urgent treatment. The patient has improved in the following week and is discharged. A list of medications has been prescribed for this patient.
Which one of these medications acts through inhibition of the enzyme HMG-CoA reductase?
A- Atenolol
B- Fenofibrate
C- Lovastatin
D- Niacin
E- Orlistat

A 73 yr old man come with decreasef position and vibratory sensation of lower extremities hematocrit of 28% MCV 114 and hypersegmented neutrophils. Her B12 levels is decreased but near the borderline of normal. What is themost appropriate test to confirm the dx of B12 deficiency?
Methylmalonic acid level
Anti intrinsic factor ab
Anti parital cell
Schilling test
Folate level
Homocysteine level

A 26 years old male has been operated for abdominal trauma and splenectomy was done. On the 3rd operative day, the patient developed acute abdominal pain and distension in the upper abdominal area with hypotension. On insertion of ryles tube, 2 litres of coffee ground fluid was aspirated.
From the following options below, what is the most probable diagnosis of the condition above?
a. Acute gastric dilatation
b. Reactionary haemorrhage
c. Subphrenic abscess
d. Deep vein thrombosis
e. Left lower lobe atelectasis

Pt had a fight following which he developed bleeding, ringing and hearing loss from one ear. What is the inv of choice?
a. CT
b. XR skull
c. Otoscopy
d. MRI vestibule
e. Coagulation study