What you are getting and go ahead because no one knows how ll be tomorrow

Completion ke baad aapka kaam apki pehchan banega don’t worry just be thankful for what you are getting and go ahead because no one knows how ll be tomorrow…

Branch is important degree aaj hai kal nahi patient wants best care he is not bothered about your degree and I feel you ll be GREAT clinician

U r lucky enough already don’t test ur luck anymore👍… backfire bhi ho sakte hain

Will the service quota effect mid rankers i.e. 15-20k in getting clinical seat in neet 2022?

In present gt 109 correct…how to improve?

mam try to note down the mistakes and make sure to not repeat those mistakes obviously you will get more corrects . ALL THE BEST

How to revise efficiently… is watching rapid revision videos good approach at this point of time or should i focus on reading notes only?

reading notes and do qbank and make sure to note down volatile topics and revise those topics you will do wonders with this strategy

Effective way to study microbiology? However i try not able to retain what I’ve studied.Thanks

mam for microbiology I feel the effective way to remember is try to read topics in a order wise and revise them again and again with fresh mind(preferably early morning)

sir I have just done marrow q Bank now I am revising it with notes. Can it be completed. I have just randomly done the marrow q Bank will it help the recall capacity

to improve recall try to do custom module and check how many corrects you are getting if it’s above 65% then you are on right track

Is prepladder alone sufficient to crack neet pg 2022?

if your source is X from starting it should be X only till cracking the exam. All sources are same

Already spent a lot for live classes …having all notes …cant spend again for qbanks …doing all free questions…is there any alternate solution… everyone are saying to subscribe again …already spent a lot…

Going for 7 hrs duty doing boomarks which I have is 2000 questions

same problem , let mass mail to marrow for cheaper qbank plans

I got 9000 rank i m not getting branch of my choice so what should i do shall i drop again or take seat in private what to do?? Is it good to give exam again.

at 9k rank with the level of competition right now it’s better to take a seat of your choice in private (if it’s affordable) other wise you can take dnb . Now a days Both are equally same only md=dnb

Currently I am getting 140 questions correct in gt. If I continue same flow what may be the chance of getting rank below 5000

revise your notes and do qbank