What's a double chin?

What’s a double chin?

We all know this unsightly, sometimes embarrassing element called double chin. In General, we can define the double chin as a excess of fat that has accumulated at the neck, under the chin.

From an aesthetic point of view, the double chin is badly experienced by people because it tends to reduce or even make the oval disappear from the face. The Oval of the face is the natural drawing of the face shape.

This greasy cluster therefore tends to deform the general appearance of the face, producing an aging and heavy effect of the face, the consequences of skin relaxation and a lack of tone in this area.

The cause of double chin is rarely unique. It cannot be explained in the same way in all people. Thus, while some people are naturally subject to double chin, a situation of overweight is often the main cause of the appearance of double chin.

Aging Also explains the appearance of this phenomenon, due to the skin release observed over the years.

Important: Double Chin is not a fate

The appearance of the double chin is often wrong. A sign of aging, a body that changes and weighs, a relaxation of the skin or a lack of tone, the double chin is one of these unsightly elements that we want to see disappear.

Fortunately, it’s not a fate and there are different answers when you wonder how to lose your double chin. From Simple Facial Gymnastics exercises to more radical solutions such as surgery, there are a range of solutions to remove the double chin.