When can we expect neet Pg.. Mid Sept? Any idea?

When can we expect neet Pg… Mid Sept? Any idea?

Kabhi nahi kyunki jin logo ne ‘postpone neet’ ka raag alaapa tha wahi ab ’ postpone ini cet ’ ka raag alaap rahe hain and its been almost 2 months and they are still not prepared and never gonna be prepared ever for any exam…jisko padna hota hai woh duties ke sath bhi pad leta hai…this is just an excuse and they instead of studying they have all time to filling petitions and commenting everywhere.,its an iron that they have almost wasted 2 weeks so that they get to postpone aiims for max 2 weeks because this is the max aiims gonna postpone…so how are you planning to spend another 2 weeks if its get postponed? By filling another petition?

Any date after 31 August. That is what written in pmo notice. May be on 1 sept or 30 September.

They will declare it just at the beginning of the 3rd wave, and then postpone it during the peak.

Why to give exam in 2021?

Go for next year NEET PG 2022

Few say as September 3 rd week or last week

(ie) after September 15 th.