When the country is going through a war, the countrymen help with open heart

When the country is going through a war, the countrymen help with open heart.
In the last war, women even gifted their jewelry. Every countryman wants to ensure that there is no shortage of logistics etc. in the goods of the army. If a soldier is injured, he is treated in the best hospital in the country. The whole country prays for his safety. If a soldier is martyred, then every countryman’s eyes become moist. The martyr is given a political honor. The family of the martyr is helped every possible so that they do not have any difficulty in the future. We’ve seen all this happening dozens of times.
Our 500 soldiers were martyred in Kargil war. Still remember how the government announced special Kargil package for their families.
But the country did not know when about 500 doctors were martyred in the war with Covid. The eyes of a single citizen of this country did not see moist eyes of a single citizen of this country, who were victim of infection while fighting with Covid, treating patients. 500 martyr It is painful for doctors to see no debate on any TV channel, no tribute, no silence. How can a country be so ungrateful, this question is really painful.
In the country where the tradition of giving jewellery in war has been, people should close their eyes on the martyrdom of 500 doctors, turn their backs, it is painful.
The country got six months to prepare to fight Covid. What preparation we are showing.
I want to ask a question to the enlightened people of this country,
Can it ever be imagined that soldiers injured in a war don’t get beds for treatment?
No, maybe this has never happened to any country till date.
But we are all seeing this happening to the health soldiers of this country.

  • Dr. Raj Shekhar Yadav
    Physician and Blogger