Whenever I give GT on laptop after 1 hour

Whenever I give GT on laptop after 1 hour it hangs and starts popping … ’ not responding ’

and if i end it and start again… all answers are to be marked again but the timer is already ahead

Since last 2 Sunday’s I am NOT able to complete my GT on my laptop, than I give it on tab I got 562 .

So I want to ask 3 things

  • what to do with laptop so that ’ not responding ’ and laptop hang problem gets solved ?
    ( I have already cleaned local disc C, now has 1 Tera byte free space… But still same 'not responding ’ and hang problem is there )

  • what if my neet pg 21 exam day PC hangs like this ??? ( happened to me last year! )

  • is 562 GT score fine ? What to do to improve my scores? Or if I am already out of race for 2021 with 562 ???

not thinking so much about them
It’s only pschye which hangs
Give test with other device or in cafe…you will feel better…
and don’t think about exam day it is not in our control…hope for best…