Whenever there are problems at the level of UG PG or SS Medical admissions

Whenever there are problems at the level of UG PG or SS Medical admissions I often find that the senior level doctors in the country keep silent. Even people like Sumer Sethi, Mukesh Bhatia, Devesh Mishra, Raja Mahendran and all the other PG coaching faculty are uncharacteristically silent. This stunning silence of Industry leaders is often the primary cause for many, if not all the issues that plague the health care industry. We are still in the learning curve and are considered as students and neither the courts nor the governments give much consideration to the problems raised by students. The senior doctors are the ones who have connections at top levels and have powerful lobbying capacity. Imagine if a few deans and top professors genuinely fight a case for us ? It is bound to have a better outcome. Unfortunately they really don’t care, they want their money and want to move on in life leaving their juniors languishing behind in this rat race. And we guys on our part go through this phase and emerge out as top end consultants and we forget to look back and reflect on what people behind us are going through. This cycle of selfishness and neglect goes on and on. It’s a worrying trend which, if not addressed in time will spell doom for our profession. The entire medical fraternity requires unity from bottom till the top and stubbornness in negotiations with the government and administrators. I hope atleast after all our struggles when we people become professors and HODs will do something to help our own juniors first only then will we be able to serve society at large. In Tamil there is a saying “thannaku minji dhan dhanam” which somewhat means “first feed yourself and then give for others”.

It’s so unfortunate that we pg aspirants who are supposed to be training and learning are wasting time in litigations whereas the senior doctors are busy just making money oblivious to the plight of the system. The change needs to be made at home first before we go out to change the way governments think.

Those coaching institute people want only money from us…useless fellows

Bhai this system starts at the first day of medical school… from RAGGING a new comer boy and goes on… Seniors consider their juniors not more than a shit…Why so hatered and ass burns if some one younger than you is more talented and have genius skills?