Which book is the best for preparing in NEET PG?

Which book is the best for preparing in NEET PG?

When you are preparing for an exam, the first thing to know is what to study and from where to study. Given the immense competition,it becomes more important to study from the best books for the NEET exam to maximize the chances of qualifying.

1.Anatomy-Arvind Arora or ACROSS or Rajesh Kaushal


3.Biochemistry-Rebecca James

4.Pharmacology-Gobind Rai

5.Pathology-Sparsh Gupta or Devesh Mishra

6.Microbiology-Rachna Chaurasia

7.Forensic Medicine-ACROSS or Dr Gaurav Aggarwal or Arvind Arora

8.Medicine-Deepak Marwah or Mudit Khanna

9.Surgery-Pritesh Singh or SRB

10.PSM-Vivek jain

11.Obs and Gynae-Sakshi Arora

12.ENT-Manisha Budhiraja

13.Ophthalmology-B Ram Gopal

14.Pediatrics-Taruna Mehra

15.Orthopaedics-Apurv Mehra

16.Dermatology-Profs By Vivek Jain

17.Anesthesia-Profs By Vivek Jain

18.Radiology-Sumit Sethi

19.Psychiatry-Profs By Vivek Jain

20.Image Based-PHOTON