Which drug can cause macular toxicity when given intravitreally?

  1. Which drug can cause macular toxicity when given intravitreally?
    a. Gentamicin
    b. Vancomycin
    c. Dexamethaosne
    d. Ceftazidime

  2. The commonest complications of topical
    steroids is –
    a. Glaucoma
    b. Cataract
    c. Ptosis
    d. Iritis

  3. Hypersecretory glaucoma is seen in –
    a. Epidemic dropsy
    b. Marfan’s syndrome
    c. Hypertension
    d. Diabetes

  4. Most common allergic manifestation of tuberculosis is –
    a. Phyctenular conjunctivitis
    b. Koeppe’s nodule
    c. Retinopathy
    d. Scleritis

  5. Epidemic dropsy is characterised by all excep ta. Disc-edema
    b. Hard-exudates
    c. peri-retinal haemorrhage
    d. Tortuous – retinal vessels

  6. Waardenburg’s syndrome following are seen except –
    a. Widening of the eyebrow
    b. SHort palpebral fissure
    c. Interstitial keratitis
    d. heterochromia iridis

  7. Common ocular manifestation in Trisomy 13 is –
    a. Capillary hemangioma
    b. Bilateral microphthalmos
    c. Neurofibroma
    d. Dermoid Cyst

  8. Ocular manifestation of HIV are all except

    a. Predispose to viral, bacterial &
    fungal function
    b. Kaposi sarcoma
    c. CMV retinitis
    d. Cotton wool spot
    e. Intraocular lymphoma

  9. Ocular manifestations in AIDS – a. Kaposi sarcoma
    b. Retinitis
    c. Lymphoma
    d. Tuberculosis
    e. Herpes

  10. Affernet component of corneal reflex is mediated by –
    a. Vgus nerve
    b. Facial nerve
    c. Trigeminal nerve
    d. Glossopharyngeal nerve