Which GT? Bro it's not over yet. You have to fight till the end

Which GT? Bro it’s not over yet. You have to fight till the end. You can think about other options after the exam.

As a Doctor you r an Elite class, think about Downtrodden, poor & underprivileged, who still live happily & Enjoy their lives.

So U can live contended & meaningful life ,even without a PG Degree.

Firstly, if you got 99 in GT after 3 repeats dear that means u never prepared for it seriously and let’s embrace the fact which is important for your sanity and mental health… To me your depression is acceptable only if you u gave your 100% n still didn’t succeed. Don’t talk about suicide n all… courage is to live for urself n ur parents n not in indulging something of that sort.

Now lemme ask you a question

I just wanted to know what your goal is and have you given your best for it?

what exactly you wanna achieve in this NEET? Are u looking for a clinical seat only?

N we will talk after that buddy…

stay strong

Is it sufficient to read thoroughly previous 6 yrs papers to get desired clinic seat in gov setup

Or we should read entire stuff thought in tutions .

Pls help

sufficient isn’t the right word dear. It’s essential to know previous year papers to save time on repeat informations and knowing which topics are of utmost importance. Revision of your notes has to be your priority though… without revision you will have hard time specially in clinical questions where you will be needed to integrate your individual subject knowledge in fetching the right answers.

This is exactly my situation now…3rd time repeater… Didnt study properly enough uptil now and when i woke up to the task… Little time left…Dont know why i have been doing the same thing (i.e. not studying, wasting time ) since the past 3 years… Have started Rapid revision + previous years now but i know it’s late… Any help regarding that would be appreciated… What strategy to follow now?? (Even if that results in just qualifying… scores in the last 2 attempts have been borderline… barely able to qualify)

To answer your questions… I am looking to get a clinical seat in private/deemed college… preferably on fees itself… but if that does not happen… can try for management/paid seats as well…