Which has more money and glamour?

MS Ortho VS MD med…which has more money and glamour?

U ll get to knw once u pass out. DM is the rule as of now in most situations. Still thr r a few MDs who hav their own setup and roaring practice though…

Which residency has

Money, model wife/ husband, 6 hours of work with weekends off, glamour, tv presence, mercedes and villa attached with it?

Please opine

Money is not a criteria for chosing a branch…it depends on your liking for a subject… But yes d if someone is doing procedures he will definitely earn more money … And in ortho even by putting cast and braces and prescribing pain medication u earn more than a physician… And if u do Replacement and all ur earning will be sky rocketing … But i repeat it’s never a criteria to chose a branch @Abbas ali sir … Correct me if I m wrong