Which I paid while paying for INICET form twice

Just now received ₹2000 credited to my account. Not sure whether this is the same money which I paid while paying for INICET form twice.
How to know?

Check your mini statement in the bank’s app. They write the source under the transaction.

In the bank statement it mentions “online refund” along with a UPI reference number, but no mention of INICET or AIIMS. That’s why the confusion.

thats the inicet double payment refund I got that too

Plus check the mini statement properly it will say something like from ACCOUNTAS …thats from aiims

same for me few days back… Two times deduction.

Ideally it should state. 😯 Were you expecting any other refund? If yes, then check with the bank… Otherwise I guess chill.

Just mentions [email protected] bank as source

did you pay any government bill? Billdesk, hdfc is usually the portal for online government bill payments, like electricity and water. Otherwise, it’ll probably be inicet, coz govt portal.