Which is better to take ms ent,md anesthesia

which is better to take ms ent,md anesthesia ,or dnb ortho because i have option of this seats as per my rank ,didnt think of me as a surgical person but like to read about ent, and ortho as a subject,clue less kind help thanks in advance

Ms ENT > MD Anaesthesia, as you will get the satisfaction of treating patients, but will take more time to settle than anaesthesia

Dnb Ortho has very poor passing rate.

First try to take -md medical branch> ms surgical branch> dnb medical branch> dnb surgical

( this is according to pg life coolness and pass percentage )

I’ll suggest not to take DNB for surgical branches as there is lack exposure and hands-on

Branch matters a lot. You can’t complete physician or complete Surgeon in 3 yrs duration,either you are taking md or dnb

Not having a preference is the best place to be at such ranks … pick what you’re getting best and make the most of it